Our Mission: Serving the people of God with preferential option for the poor. Can you help us fulfill our mission through volunteer hours and financial donations? Here at Community Social Services we are empowered to serve the numerous needs in our community through our four social service ministries. Jesus shows us and invites us how to be immersed in the community; Pope Francis challenges us to live the Gospel message authentically serving those with the greatest needs. As people of faith we have an opportunity and a responsibility to meet people's basic needs. Poverty and lack of opportunities create difficult barriers for families; but we can reach out to them and assist them from our abundance. Lives can be changed if we work together.

We invite you to consider a financial gift or a volunteer hour for our Community Social Services. Do join us in prayer and come visit and/or volunteer with us. Your generosity is a blessing! God bless you and thank you! See the details for the individual ministries listed here in the website.

Want to Volunteer?